Jump On The Fashion Trend Of Patches

The 60s and 70s are back but with a modern twist. The laid back devil-may-care charm of the hippy culture made its rise to the mainstream as more and more people are sporting patches to make a fashion statement.

Although the trend was at its peak around five decades ago with its use on aviator jackets and various denim clothing, the trend had later subsided and concentrated into the punk subgroup as well as in various youth groups such as scouts and campers. With today’s obsession on vintage aesthetics and alternative designs however, the trend has resurfaced and has become a popular look in recent seasons. The do-it-yourself movement also fueled its return, as more and more individuals across the world would prefer to personalize their own clothing.

We’ve seen many celebrities rock them out. The designs have made their way to the runways. Click this website www.patches4less.com to know more about patches. Art and do-it-yourself enthusiasts have made tons of them and added them to their own clothes. Fashionistas aiming to reference punk or hippie aesthetics sport them in the streets or in the malls. There is no denying that patches are very trendy. No matter what style you have, be it punk, metal, laid back or youthful, we could help you get the styles you want quick and easy.

Choose Your Side

There are two major subcultures that elected patches into the world of fashion: the hippie subculture and the punk subculture. The hippie subculture, which boomed in the 60s, was generally seen as a free-spirited, vagrant movement that advocated for peace and love in the time of war and conflict. This reflected in their fashion choices, which mostly obscured the differences between male and female clothing. Many wore denim jackets with embroidered symbols as a reaction to the prevailing gender differences of the time and as a way to advocate for alternative deviant fashion.

patchesWhen the hippie subculture waned, the punk subculture replaced it in the 70s. Unlike the light-hearted hippie subculture, punk was generally described as an aggressive, anti-authority movement that emphasized individual freedom. With the emergence of multiple punk rock bands, members of the punk movement took the time to attach a patch of their favorite bands on their jackets and other pieces of clothing. They also began attaching various non-punk embellishments to their clothes. These are a statement of individuality because the various additions to their clothing show off multiple sides of a single person’s personality.

Today’s reemerging trend fuses the two subcultures to both reflect the light, carefree nature of embroidered and iron-on patches, and their ability to bring out the wearer’s personality. Many people have decided to add a customized patch to their clothes as both a fun activity and as an expressive, artistic pastime. When speaking of fashion, cartoony and humorous styles such as fruit, animals or statements are a very popular among teenagers and children, especially young girls. The appeal actually transfers quite well to adults, where playful statements can be added to jackets for women, and urban, rugged logos are added to jackets for men.

Join In On The Fun
If You Can Think It, We Can Make It.

Whatever you want to show, whether you are carefree like a hippie or expressive like a punk, we got you covered. We offer high-quality customized embroidered and iron-on patches at affordable prices. Just tell us what size, shape, and type you want them to be, and our dedicated teams can work on them as soon as possible.

Whether you want a logo, an illustration, or a statement to adorn to your clothes, the possibilities are limitless. Make one for yourself and your best friend. Or, make a set for your whole family and add them to your favorite clothes. A customized patch can make you and the special people in your life feel wonderful.

Contact us now for a quick quotation, and get your hands on your own customized embroidered or iron-on patch.

Web Design: The Foundation of a Fantastic Website

There are many websites all over the internet. Some websites sell a particular product, while others provide services to the various internet users surfing the web. It makes reaching the most number of audiences possible. Getting people to visit your website is the main determining factor whether your website becomes successful or not. For an e-commerce website for example, there’s no success in having 3 to 5 visitors per day and only 1 or 2 of those are converted into a sale.

So, how do you make your website enticing enough so that people would come back again and again? The answer to this question lies in creative web design. Web Design is basically the process of creating and presenting content for websites so that internet users may see it via a web browser.

Web Design is divided into two major elements – Visual and User-Friendliness.

web designThe visual aspect is the first thing a user sees when visiting a website. It will determine whether the user will stay and keep on browsing the site in the first 2 minutes, or move on and go to another website right away. Imagine yourself in a situation where you’re in a car dealership trying to choose a good car to buy. The first car that you see is the exact model that you are looking for but it looks horrible – the doors are bent, the side mirrors are broken and there’s a big crack in the windshield. So, you move on to the next, and so on and so forth.

The same thing applies to a website. If a user visits your website and the homepage has a very confusing layout, has horrible color combinations, and has fonts that are difficult to read, he would be annoyed and will just move out of there like a bat out of hell. So, it is very important to make your website visually appealing as much as possible.

The next aspect is User-friendliness. Not only do websites need to be nice-looking, but they should also be easy to use. This is the most common pitfall of most websites today. There’s no point in making a website look very nice if the visitors can’t easily find the information that they are looking for. Either the links to the different sections of the site aren’t positioned in a way where customers can easily find them, or they’re not there at all.

Another instance of this is when a website has numerous glitches that make smooth navigation impossible. This ruins the browsing experience, thus eliminating the possibility of that user making a return visit. People’s word-of-mouth comes into consideration in this instance. A person who visited your site and had a bad experience may tell other people about it, giving you a bad reputation that may cause other people to shy away from your website.

Striking the correct balance between these two aspects is the key for a successful website design. Make sure that the layout is efficient and not cluttered. The colors of the website should convey what it is all about and the specific brand that it promotes. Colors should range from a simple two-toned color scheme like in most business websites, to a multi-colored one similar to those on a children’s website.

seoThe Graphics on the website (such as icons, logos, and photos) must be in-tune with what the website is all about as well. They have to have the proper resolution, so that they can be viewed properly by the site’s visitors. And lastly, website graphics must be of appropriate file size so the user won’t have any sluggish loading issues when viewed on a web browser.

Nowadays, every person is basically connected to the internet, thanks to advancements in mobile technology. In the past, people are able to browse the internet only through desktop computers and laptops. Now, there are many mobile devices capable of browsing the web. Tablets and even watches are all capable of giving people online access. A website that has a good design must also be able to adapt to the different operating systems and browsers these mobile devices employ. Having a website that is only compatible with one operating system and device will severely limit the amount of audience you can reach. A good web designer should always make sure that his website is compatible with a plethora of mobile devices to ensure maximum audience coverage.

Here’s the truth – web design is never a one man operation. It takes a team of highly creative people, who are experts in every aspect of web design, to create an enticing and user-friendly website that people will visit every day. We are a group of people who does exactly that, and we guarantee you that this is worth your investment. We pride ourselves with the quality of our work and our ability to produce more than satisfactory results.

We are passionate and we strive to be the best. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your business and let us help you in making your online endeavors worthwhile. Be the best, be the greatest – choose us.

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The convenience of neck lanyards

Neck lanyards are convenient little pieces of accessories. These lanyards have numerous practical uses that can help us a lot. Of course, the primary convenience that lanyards bring to us is it helps us keep object close to us and avoid unwanted loss of this object.

The third hand

Neck lanyards can act like your “third hand” which gets rid of the need to search your pockets looking for an object you might need. With lanyards, you can simply attach the object to one end and easily reach for it whenever you need it. Being equipped with a lanyard also frees your two hands which allows you to do other things. With this, you can be more productive and efficient in your work. Cellphones, IDs, and keys are some of the things that can be attached to lanyards. These items are commonly misplaced or lost. These are also the items which you most likely need immediately; therefore, it is important that they are placed where you have easy access to them. Placing them in pockets or a bag can lead to longer retrieval of these items and can cause a lot of inconvenience on your part. With lanyards, getting these precious items can be done in a matter of seconds!


Neck LanyardAnother thing that you can attach to a lanyard is a whistle, or a small can of concentrated pepper spray! Not only does this makes you feel secure and confident, you are able to bring out these life-saving items in a flash. Keeping them in a bag may not give you enough time to use them as opposed to keeping them dangling at your neck. A second is a big difference in dangerous situations so putting self-defense items attached to the lanyard can help you somewhat deal with dangerous situations like attempted robbery. The lanyards themselves are safe because most of them are fitted with a reattachable breaking point which is a mechanism to avoid accidental strangulation.

In the industrial setting, do you know that lanyards play a huge role too? Lanyards are commonly attached to huge machinery like industrial cutters and slicers. Lanyards serve as kill switches that can override the controls of the machines and immediately bring them to a stop. These lanyards are usually attached to the wrists rather than the necks of the workers. Needless to say, kill switch lanyards have made industrial places safer.

Easier identification

Neck Lanyards permitted people to be identified easily. Lanyards today are commonly used as headers or an attachment for IDs, badges, and passes. Identification can also be done by checking the design of the cord itself. Usually, companies, agencies, and organizations imprint their logo in the cord of the lanyard. This makes an individual who wears a lanyard easier to spot and identify. Easier identification allows for smooth transactions, especially if you are in a corporate office. You no longer need to pin IDs or badges, but instead, you can just comfortably wear them around your neck.

Cost-effective and easy giveaways

If you are part of the PR team or marketing team of your company, there can be no better gifts or tokens that can be given other than lanyards! With neck lanyards, you’ve got yourself prizes that don’t cost much, but is very useful and appealing. Customers and clients will surely be happy to receive some lanyards. This way, you can save time from thinking up of token items to give customers and clients. With the lanyards very customizable feature, you can imprint any design that would reflect your company or organization’s values and thrust. Giving away lanyards also helps you to further promote the company or organization.

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How to Create a Printed Circuit Board Using Acid Etching Method?

By now, you have probably designed the circuit using computer-aided simulations that allow the circuit to work great. The only thing to do now is to create a printed circuit board so you can actually see it working. Regardless of whether your circuit is for a school project or an important component of an electronic product that you are building for your company, transforming it on a PCB will improve its look and give you an idea of how the completed product will look like.

There are currently four methods to print a circuit board – acid etching method, UV etching method, mechanical etching (also known as routing method), and laser etching method. This article focuses on the acid etching method to produce a printed circuit board easily.

PCB ElectronicsIt is important to keep in mind that the acid etching method needs extreme safety precautions. You also need several materials and the process is quite slow compared to other methods. The quality of the board may vary depending on the materials you use but in general, it is a great method for basic to intermediate level of circuits. If your circuits have tiny wires and more close wiring, the acid-etching method is recommended.

The first thing you need to do is to create the layout of the printed circuit board. This is normally done by transforming the schematic diagram of the circuit into a PCB layout through computer software. There are several PCB layout software available and it is best to choose open source software packages.

Also, make certain that you have all the materials you need. Next, draw the circuit layout on the copper coated board, which is only applicable for acid etching and UV etching method. In etching the board, you should look for the details sections on how to do it. This process eliminates any unnecessary copper from the board that leaves the final circuit’s wiring.

In drilling mount points, you can use custom machines designed for creating printed circuit boards. However, with some changes, a regular drilling machine can do the job especially if you are working at home.

In the acid etching method, you need to choose your etching acid. A common choice is ferric chloride, but you can also use ammonium per sulfate crystals and other acid solutions. Regardless of your choice of the chemical etchant, the solution will always be a dangerous material. Hence, aside from following common safety precautions, you must always read and adhere to added safety precautions when using the acid.

pcbFor acid etching, you need to have a layout for the circuitry using a material that is resistant to the acid. There are special markers available for this particular purpose if you want to draw the printed circuit board manually. However, this is not suitable for medium to large circuits. Printer ink is commonly used to print the layout on a glossy paper. You must make certain that the circuit is mirrored before you do this. It is noted that most PCB layout software have this as an option when you need to print the schematics. Also take note that this only works on laser printers.

Then, place the glossy side with the printed layout on it facing the board. Iron the paper using a flat iron depending on the type of paper and ink you use. Dip the paper and the board in hot water for several minutes up to 8 to 10 minutes. Then peel off the paper.

Make sure that you read the instructions first before you prepare the acid solution. For instance, some crystallized acids need to be dissolved in hot water while other acid solutions are ready to use. You can submerge the board in the acid and make sure to stir it every three to five minutes.

Take out the board and wash it in running water until all the unneeded copper fall away from the board.

Golf Shoes in Any Weather

The sport of golf is considered to be one of the most traditional since the rules and regulations have not been significantly changed in the last decade or so. This is because most of the game modifications are coming from the dress codes implemented by the various golf clubs in the world. The goal of having a dress code requirement, which may even involve golf shoes, in the golf course is to attract a high number of participants.

Most country clubs only require that golf participants wear appropriate footwear when playing on the course. New golfers may prefer to wear any comfortable pair of shoes when playing while professionals recommend the use of appropriate golf shoes. The reason for this is that golf shoes are designed for various people, ranging from the traditionalists to the more casual players. Some of the most common styles include leather shoes with tassels and the more casual moccasins.

Preference by Men Golfers

Golf shoesMost men golf players prefer the more traditional style where the entire foot is covered with a leather material. The main consideration for most professional players is that these shoes must be comfortable. The purpose of having a comfortable fit is that professionals and new players alike will be using these for long walks between holes. Only a limited number of golf players will make use of golf carts to travel between holes since the main point of this sport is to exercise.

Most golf footwear is perceived to last a minimum of a year, depending on the weather and the number of times used. Professionals reveal that some shoes only last for 15 months before the upper portion comes away from the sole. This is because some players use these shoes during the rainy season and therefore, are considered to be significantly roughed up. Some professionals reveal that good-quality ones can last up to a maximum of 200 rounds of golf.

Shoes for Wet-Season Playing

It is recommended that dedicated golf players buy a good-quality shoe, especially if they are planning to play during the wet season. However, most golf players believe that traditional shoe designs are heavy and unattractive, as well as hinder their performance. These design problems have resulted in the redevelopment of the shoes, making it not only more lightweight and functional but also more stylish (for photo opportunities). Therefore, the best shoes for playing in wet weather are those that are designed to be waterproof, sturdy, and have good traction.

The most common modifications in these shoes is that shoe manufacturers have included a better designed spike on the bottom of the shoe by using molded cleats, traction lugs, and nubs, instead of the traditional spikes. The purpose of these is to enhance the control of the golfer in regards to his stance and swing, especially if the course had become rather slippery. This is due to the fact that a significant amount of rain will turn most golf courses into a muddy path. Therefore, dedicated players will need to purchase footwear with better traction to enhance both their walking and playing stance.

Some shoe manufacturers from the previous decade have already sacrificed the comfort of the golfer in order to improve traction during the wet season. But most golf-shoe manufacturers nowadays have developed more functional golf shoes that can be used in all types of weather, as well as in enhancing walking comfort. Spike-less shoes are considered to be popular among amateurs and even among professionals, since they can be used on just about any kind of terrain. In other words, they could even be worn before and after a game.

Why customized items are good for promotional marketing

Customized items or personalized items are increasingly becoming popular these days. In fact, they are being manufactured and mass produced by many companies. There are many reasons behind the popularity of customized items. One of which is for business purposes.Many companies actually use customized items for promotional marketing. For instance, holding a company event may require a company to provide giveaways and goodies. They usually resort to customizable items like customized shirts, cups, lanyards, tumblers etc.

Why are customized items good for business or promotional marketing?

There are many reasons why it can be good for a business. They are the following :


ID LanyardsCustomized items are indeed cheap. Usually, companies purchase items in bulk orders. When doing such, they get to save because bulk orders are most of the time, discounted. You can actually get an item for less than a dollar if you purchased in quantities of thousands.


If you resort to customizable items, you won’t really be wasting money because customizable items are usually usable ones. For instance, customized cups can definitely be used for coffee. Lanyards are used to hold IDs, keys, and other accessories. Tumblers can be used daily.

Good way of attracting more customers

Perhaps one of the main reasons why it is used for business promotion is that when you customized an item, you get to design it on your own. Thus, you can put the name of your business, the products and services you offer, and more interesting fact about your company that will make other people notice you. Customized items are actually intended for marketing purposes.

For branding purposes

Companies and businesses use customized items not only for promotional marketing, giveaways for company events, etc. but also for usage within the business itself. If you intend to create a trademark of your own, using customized items can be a good start. Customized items like shirts can be used as the employees’ uniforms. Lanyards printed with the company name can be used as their ID holders. Moreover, you can use customized cups to distribute in your office. It’s not only a form of branding but can also be a form of reinforcement for company employees.

Readily available

Do you need a thousand promotional items within several days? Or you don’t want to worry about designs and styles and color and everything? Because of its increasing demand, customized items are being provided by countless customized specialty shops which provide it conveniently to their clients. Placing an order can easily be done online since most of these businesses are available in the Internet.

When it comes to design and styles, there are actually template-ready ones that you only need to choose from if you don’t have the time to design your own. There are plenty of options available, from sizes to colors to attachments or accessories.

Variety of choices

Customized items range from shirts, to mugs, to lanyards, to pins, to coasters, to badges, to almost anything that is customizable or can be personalized. You can definitely arrive at something that can be useful for you business from the varied choices you have. Also, the choosing does not end here. You can choose from the variety of colors and designs. There are also additional features customized items can come with. For instance, the print in the item can have certain types like digitalized printing or woven print. There are also types of materials it comes with. Do you want your shirts cotton? Mugs, ceramics? Tumblers, plastic? Lanyards, polyester?

Where to get customized items?

If you want utmost convenience, you can readily purchase these items online. Otherwise, you can visit your local customized items specialty shops. For larger companies however, you will definitely need a company that provides mass production of items. It is also important to look for shops that guarantee high quality materials.

Manufacturing Rubber Wristbands

There are things, especially those small in size, which people take for granted. Simple supplies such as paper clips, rubber erasers and rubber bands are always getting lost, probably because not a lot of attention is given to these things. Not to make anyone feel bad or guilty, but the making of these items require a good deal of materials, time and labor. One rubber band lost is not really a big deal, but if every household in the United States loses a rubber band every day, almost a million dollars will go to waste.

Rubber WristbandsIn order to understand the value of rubber wristbands and to prevent them from getting lost, maybe it is best to enlighten people on how these bands are made.

The production of rubber wristbands does not start in the factory. In fact, it starts at plantations. Rubber plants are being harvested every so often to make the rubber material. Once harvested, the latex undergoes purification. Purification is the filtering of the harvested latex, which consists of straining it so that other elements and impurities, such as tree sap or loose seeds, are separated from the rubber.

After the rubber has been purified, it will be collected in large vats. Rubber vats will be combined using acetic or formic acid so that the rubber particles will cling together to form slabs. The slabs are then squeezed between rollers in order to remove water. They are pressed into bales or blocks, packed for shipping to the factories.

Once the blocks of rubber arrive at the rubber factory, the slabs are cut into smaller pieces. These pieces are thrown into a Banbury Mixer, a machine that mixes rubber with other ingredients, such as sulfur, color pigments and other chemicals, to achieve the elasticity of the rubber wristbands. The Banbury Mixer ensures that mixing is done much more thoroughly compared to what manual mixing can accomplish. Milling comes next in the production process and it entails heating the mass of mixed rubber and squeezing it flat with a milling machine.

After heating and flattening, the rubber is now cut into strips. The still-hot strips of rubber are fed into an extruding machine which forcefully shapes the rubber out in long hollow tubes. This part of the process is like a meat grinder producing long strings of meat. And like meat, excess rubber routinely builds up around the head of the extruding machine. This rubber is cut off and combined with the rubber just going into the milling machine.

Once the whole batch of rubber has been elongated into tubes, they are forced over aluminum poles and covered with talcum powder to keep the rubber from sticking. The poles and hauled onto racks and are steamed and heated in large machines.
The next step is to remove the poles from the racks and wash the talcum powder off the rubber. The last step involves being fed into another machine that slices the rubber into fine rubber wristbands.

Rubber bands are sold by weight. However, these bands tend to clump together so the weighing machine can only weigh rubber bands in small quantities.

Before shipping to the different industries, the quality of the finished product is tested. A sample rubber band is collected from each batch and is subjected to different tests for their quality. One test measures how hard a band snaps back. Good quality bands should snap back forcefully. Another test determines the farthest length a rubber band can stretch. The more rubber, the farther the band should stretch. Lastly, the rubber bands are tested to see how strong it is to withstand normal strain. If 90% of the samples pass a test, they move on to the next test. If 90% of the samples pass all of the tests, they are ready to be shipped to the market.

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How To Keep Your Mister In Optimum Condition?

mister A misting fan, or a mister, is an appliance that emits a very fine mist of water which evaporates in the air. They’re commonly used for cooling purposes, especially outdoors, though indoor usage of a mister is possible.

Because of this, these appliances are subject to heavy usage, especially during hot weather, and are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. It’s therefore important to perform regular maintenance on the mister, to keep it running at optimum condition.

Cleaning Buildup

With extended use, mineral and dirt buildup will eventually accumulate on the water filters and the nozzles, which can restrict the normal operation time of the mister. As it’s also considered as a “fan”, the blades can also acquire dust buildup, also hindering normal operation.

It’s therefore recommended to clean these parts regularly to prevent buildup, or when you notice that the fan doesn’t seem to be operating at its peak capacity (less mist, slow fan startup, etc). Just simply disassemble the fan itself and clean the parts immediately using running water. In the case of nozzles, though, it’s suggested that you first soak them in vinegar for sometimes to easily dissolve the mineral buildup. Remember to always wipe them dry afterwards, as even a little moisture may cause the fan to malfunction, especially if the blades are still wet.

Preventing Leaks

If water is constantly running around the area near the mister, especially if it forms a pool, that’s a sign that your fan may be leaking. Usually, nozzle cleanup is the first thing that you’ll need to do when you’ve found a leak. If it still continues to leak, though, it’s time to check the rest of the appliance, especially the lines and the fittings. Depending on the level of the leaking part, it may either be solved with just a simply repair, or it may need to be replaced.

Motor Lubrication

If the fan is having trouble running immediately when the switch is on, then lubrication may be a good idea. Simply remove the fan grill, and then apply oil around the base motor near the area where the fan is attached. If the fan still doesn’t spin after lubrication has been applied, then repair is necessary.

Lubrication should also be done at regular intervals to ensure that the fans run smoothly without problems, as forcing them to spin may cause some friction inside the motors, which may be the eventual source of motor breakdown.

Parts Replacement

differEventually, the fan’s parts will be subjected to wear and tear that cleaning them may not be enough to restore them to peak capacity. This is true in the case of water filters, and even the nozzle fittings. Therefore, it’s very important to at least consider buying a replacement for these parts after a period of time. The recommended time for replacing parts is six months, but if any of them are damaged, then replace immediately.

It’s highly recommended that, when buying replacements parts, you should always go to the same dealer where you got your misting fan. This is to ensure that the parts you buy are fully compatible with your misting fan, and it ensures that the parts are in good quality.

Proper Storage In Cold Months

standerdStoring for the cold months is actually very easy, yet must be done to prevent any future damage, especially when it’s winter. Simply remove all the nozzles from the fan, drain all water from the lines, pump, and filters, and wipe them dry. This will prevent frozen water from accumulating on these parts, which will surely cause damage to the appliance the moment it’s used again.